It’s hard to keep up with Amazon.

Many have tried, but very few have cracked the code.

In a perfect world, the ultimate Amazon FBA is a turnkey operation – get things started, upload everything you need, make sure the supply chain is in order, and all you have to do is count the profits.

The bad news is, this isn’t a perfect world – a fully automated turnkey operation simply isn’t possible. The good news is you never needed to be fully automated. You just have to work with us.

Tired of the Upwork/Fiverr freelance chase? No need to cycle through dozens of profiles, verify reviews, or listen to sad stories. Rising like a PHOENIX from the ashes of a former Amazon agency, we made the pivot to supply Amazon businesses directly with proven, experienced, no-nonsense assistance. We’ve set the bar really high for standardizing and professionalized our operations, and we’ve got the track record to prove it.

So what makes us different? For starters, we have Edward Basse helming our team. Not only has he kickstarted a 7-figure FBA business model for clients in less than 12 months, he’s even worked for Amazon! He knows the scoop both inside and out, to the point that he came to the conclusion that full automation is a pipe dream. It may have taken lots of experimentation with tools on the market and even developing his own custom-built software using the MWS API(!), but the results don’t lie:
at some point, you need the human touch.

Guess what? Work with us, and you’ve got the touch. You’ve got the power to leave all the guesswork behind and go with the elite team of offshore Amazon and e-commerce specialists platform who will help you turn your Amazon business into a powerhouse effectively. Reliably. Affordably.

Because that’s what we need from a well-oiled machine: a performance you can bet the farm on. That’s the Phoenix VA advantage.

Rather than rely on one single person to wave their wand to solve your problems, you can rely on our team of specialists to roll up their sleeves, get their hands dirty with data, and keep things moving forward: all at the price of a single VA.